Melanie FreeseRecognized for more than 45 years of invaluable contributions, Melanie Freese has inspired so many to learn and engage with the use of her librarian services. As an Associate Professor of Library Services and an Assistant Chair of Technical Services, Ms. Freese has remained vital to the preservation of information and educational materials. As an expert in children’s literature, cataloging and classifying, she provides a variety of materials used in curriculums, as well as her consulting services on the management of CMC materials. She became a certified public librarian in 1977 and a certified teacher in 1969. In 1967, she earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, with a minor in history from Hofstra University. In 1969, she followed that degree with a master’s in elementary education. Furthermore, she holds a Master of Library Sciences from LIU Post, which she received in 1977. She was inspired to go into her profession after working as a support staff member at the academic library at Adelphi University.

hofstraIn addition to her long and celebrated career, Ms. Freese enjoys the benefits of inspiring others. In 1993, she established a library for the residents of the Wayside Home School for Girls. She also takes great responsibility in the form of mentoring younger colleagues. She helps these colleagues learn to catalog materials for the music library at Hofstra University. Looking toward the future, she hopes to retire.

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